Peel-Off Gel Mask - For Oil & Acne Skin


- Once a week or twice sensitive zones (eyes and lips contour) all apply on face.

-About 5-6 minutes CHAUDIERE Mask, squeeze the juice onto the mask to peel after waiting 10 seconds, perform the process of skin peeling.


PALMITOYL OLIGOPEPTIDE & PALMITOYL TETRAPEPTIDE-3-a very powerful anti-aging effect. Delaying signs of aging skin's collagen structure. Worn, aging effects of the sun exposed skin young.

SYRICALM - It helps decreasing and controlling irritation, skin redness. It provides taking precaution against cell

SEBARYL FL LS 9088 - It acts as an anti-acne agent.

HEXAMİDİNE DİİSETHİONATE - Antibacterial and antiseptic effect provides effective protection against bacterial colonization and multiplication.

HERBAL COMPLEX (HERBAL EXTRACTS) - A complex of very valuable fruit extracts, Plant Extracts, Urea and Allantoin. It plays an effective role in skin hydration and cell renewal. [Fennel, Hops, Herba Lippiae, Mistletoe Leaf Extract, Camomile, Yarrow]

E VITAMIN - A powerful antioxidant in the cell membrane. Provides protection against free radicals.

BENEFITS-  CHAUDIERE Oily Skin for the skin reduces the amount of excess oil in your skin, helps reduce the formation of blackheads and acne, it cleans the pores to fill the pores and thus tightens the pores. - Delays aging of the skin with Anti-Aging feature, provides extra freshness with strong activators and provides a fresher and livelier appearance.


- Not a desiccant or an irritant.
- Alcohol free,
- Do not contain paraben,
- Do not contain SLES
- Do not contain colourants,

- Do not contain petrochemicals,
- Shelf life is 36 months,
- Size:  Cabin 500 ml.

- It's for external use.
- Keep in a place where children can not reach. Do not expose it to the sun.
- Do not contact to your eyes. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water.
- Our company is not responsible for the wrong product usage