Face Cleansing Foam - For All Skin

Facial cleansing Foam gently cleans the skin with its formulation formed with totally natural surface-actives. It removes the dead skin cells from the skin surface with Lactic Acid and Argine in its content; a bright, smooth, soft and more alive skin is revealed from below.

Since it cleans the pores very well, it is also used as daily facial / make-up cleanser. It has moisturizing and softening features on the skin with strong moisturizer and Aloe Vera in its content.

It is also appropriate for sensitive skins.

LACTIC ACID - ARGININE - It is moisturizing skin care product acting as a peeling in skin illumination and decreasing thin lines and wrinkles and age spots
D_PANTHENOL - Deep penetrating moisturizer, stimulates epithelium, provides wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.
ALOE VERA EXTRACT - Due to its excellent moisturizing properties, it has a natural conditioning effect on skin products

- Take the foam into your palm by spraying a little. Apply with circular movements bottom-to-top with the help of fingers on your neck, shin and cheeks. Clean foam remains in the skin with warm water.
- It is appropriate for usage for all skin types.
- It is possible to use the product in every moment of the day with its easy usage in case of need.

- It helps cleaning your skin deeply with its velvety softness. Sensitive formula provides freshness and cleaning in your face. At the same time it relieves your skin with soft texture.
- It cleans and revives the skin deeply, it brings nice and healthy appearance.
- It protects natural moisture balance of the skin.
- It makes you experience an excellent facial cleaning with its nice scent and soft foam formula.

- Not a desiccant or an irritant.
- Alcohol free,
- Do not contain paraben,
- Do not contain SLES
- Do not contain colourants,
- Do not contain petrochemicals,
- Shelf life is 36 months,
- Size: Sales 200 mI.

- It's for external use.
- Keep in a place where children can not reach. Do not expose it to the sun.
- Do not contact to your eyes. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water.
- Our company is not responsible for the wrong product usage