Multi Functional Body Lotion With D_Panthenol %12

With its new formulation with a maximum of 12% of D_Panthenol, it helps to prevent your worn-out skin exposed to cold weather and sunlight to dehydrate.
It also supports the formation of new cells, while helping the long-lasting moisturizing of your skin, which is reddened or irritated.
With its non seborrheic properties, it makes daily skin care and gives freshness and sigh of relief.

- For dry and worn-out skins, apply to the skin on a regular basis throughout the day.

- Used to help to moisturize the whole body and rejuvenescence of the cells,
- In skin irritations,
- In skin dehydration and chaps,
- Prevention of birth chaps during pregnancy,
- In moisturizing the skin after sun.
- Helps to protect skin's health by making skin care damaged by sun and sunburned.
- Helps to protect skin even in cold weather conditions.

D_PANTHENOL - Deep penetrating moisturizer, stimulates epithelium, provides wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.
ZINC OXIDE (ZINC OXIDE) - Helps the irritated skin to return to normal quickly. Helps to resolve the discomfort with its calming and anti-inflammatory characteristics.
SHEA BUTTER - Provides the skin a soft and elastic appearance. It forms a protective layer on the skin and provides the moisture balance of the skin.
SOLUVIT RICHTER (MULTI VITAMIN COMPLEX) - Contains A, E, F, H, B vitamins and Horse Chestnut Extract. Multivitamin Complex for dry and scaled skin.
HERBAL COMPLEX (HERBAL EXTRACTS) - A complex of very valuable fruit extracts, Plant Extracts, Urea and Allantoin. It plays an effective role in skin hydration and cell renewal. Fennel, Hops, Herba Lippiae, Mistletoe Leaf Extract, Camomile, Yarrow
ALOE VERA EXTRACT - Nurtures, moisturizes the skin and gives freshness by providing skin care.

- Not a desiccant or an irritant.
- Alcohol free,
- Do not contain paraben,
- Do not contain colourants,
- Do not contain petrochemicals,
- Shelf life is 36 months,
- Size: Sales 200 mI. - Cabin 500 ml.

- It's for external use.
- Keep in a place where children can not reach. Do not expose it to the sun.
- Do not contact to your eyes. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water.
- Our company is not responsible for the wrong product usage