Multi Protect Sun Lotion SPF 50

The product secures ultra protection through wide psectrum ultra UVA + UVB filter system.

Due to Vitamin Complex, Herbal Complex cell regenerating D_Panthenol, it resist skin spots and early aging signs It helps the dry and

sensitive skins regenerating better and quicker.

TINASORB S AQUA - Acts as a water-based, high-performance broad-spectrum UVA-UVB filter. Protects the skin against UV radiation and harmful effects of the sun.
TINASORB M - UV Sun protection filter. Provides excellent protection by reflecting the sun's rays without being absorbed. Water-based and photostable.
SHEA BUTTER - Provides the skin a soft and elastic appearance. It forms a protective layer on the skin and provides the moisture balance of the skin.
SOLUVIT RICHTER (MULTI VITAMIN COMPLEX) - Contains A, E, F, H, B vitamins and Horse Chestnut Extract. Multivitamin Complex for dry and scaled skin.
HERBAL COMPLEX (HERBAL EXTRACTS) - A complex of very valuable fruit extracts, Plant Extracts, Urea and Allantoin. It plays an effective role in skin hydration and cell renewal. Fennel, Hops, Herba Lippiae, Mistletoe Leaf Extract, Camomile, Yarrow
E VITAMIN - A powerful antioxidant in the cell membrane. Provides protection against free radicals.
ALLANTOIN - An anti-wrinkle compound with moisturizing and cell renewal properties.
D_PANTHENOL - Deep penetrating moisturizer, stimulates epithelium, provides wound healing and anti-inflammatory effect.

- For long term effect of protection apply the product once more after swimming and drying
- Apply the sun protection products onto your skin 20-30 mni utes before you stay under solar rays

- Ultra protective and blocking cream protects skin from sun damage and aging. For sensitive and sun-resistant skins.
- Combined with highly effective UVA + UVB filter system Micropigmentation, damages caused by the sun's rays, and irritation to the bottom. Sun-induced pigmentation is effective against signs of staining and premature aging. Renewed provitamin provides cell protection against aging with vitamins B5 and E Easy to apply, oil-free, no whitening effect.

- Not a desiccant or an irritant.
- Alcohol free,
- Do not contain paraben,
- Do not contain colourants,
- Do not contain petrochemicals,
- Shelf life is 36 months,
- Size: Sales 200 ml

- It's for external use.
- Keep in a place where children can not reach. Do not expose it to the sun.
- Do not contact to your eyes. In case of contact, wash with plenty of water.
- Our company is not responsible for the wrong product usage